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Build cities through participation with technology

Open Services based on Consul the most complete digital tool for Citizen participation  that exist

Guaranteeing real citizen participation for an open, transparent and democratic government.. 

More than 50 institutions around the world jointly develop the platform and share and exchange experiences, good practices and knowledge.

Public organisms

What do you achieve with Open Services?

Improve citizen participation rates
Public consultation... 90%
Expand the relationship with the citizen
Collaborative communication ... 99%
Improve transparency rates
Accountability... 91%
Improve policy design
Participatory policies and budgets ... 95%
Improve citizen services
citizen-centered services ... 97%
Improve the institutional planning process
PLANS THAT INCLUDE CITIZENS 'expectations ... 99%

Put in place any of the participation mechanisms for your local government ->

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Citizen proposals

Anyone can make proposals to improve their environment. Proposals can collect support and in case of reaching a certain threshold pass to vote.

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Voting can be carried out on both the citizens' proposals and the institution. In addition, they can be directed to the entire territory or only to certain zones or areas.

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Collaborative Legislation

It allows citizens to participate actively in the development of legislation and action plans.

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Participatory Budgets

Citizens propose and decide directly how to spend part of the Institution's budget. Each person can make proposals and vote the initiatives of others. The most voted proposals will be carried out.

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Advanced processes

The flexibility of the tool allows the design of more complex participation processes such as urban development or broader institutional plans. These can include special participation phases that are easily integrated with the rest of the processes.

With Open Services you allow citizens to participate in the most important decisions of your entity and on a day-to-day basis.

You launch citizen participation initiatives quickly and efficiently, with practically no extra resources.

You adapt the processes of citizen participation to the particularities of your entity.

You know what citizens want and what their priorities are. In an agile, transparent and accessible way, it allows citizen participation at different scales.

Open Services is Safe … has a registration system that guarantees privacy and neutrality of participation. It can also be integrated with existing census or registry systems.

Open Services is efficient … its powerful administration interface allows very small teams to manage very complex engagement processes.

Its design is adaptive so that it can be used in web browsers and mobile devices allowing plural access and without any technological restriction.

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