About us

How do we do it? (MISSION)

At Citizen Life we ​​advise countries on the construction of a digital government through specialized work teams.

What we want? (VIEW)

To be a consulting company recognized for its support in the construction of a digital government, which increases the well-being of citizens and strengthens public confidence in an increasingly close, transparent and intelligent State that provides quality services in a timely manner, through the use of information and communication technologies.

What inspires us (PRINCIPLES)

1. Innovation: benefit innovation focus in all jobs.

2. Simplicity: supporting initiatives that simplify tasks and optimize efforts.

3. Sustainability: because we are responsible for our “common home”, the planet.

4. Personal fulfillment: stimulate collaborators their alignment with the business purpose and with the identification of the superior meaning in their work.

5. Focus on service: prioritize the well-being of citizens.

6. Continual improvement: Learn from the previous principles, to be better and better and always do better.