Our Allies

It began its work in 2007 in order to promote the development of high-speed network infrastructure and services, their use and appropriation, as well as articulate, facilitate and execute actions for the development of education, science, technology and innovation projects. and in particular, those that derive from the articulation with entities of the National System of Competitiveness, Science, Technology and Innovation.
With the National Advanced Technology Network, we accompany national and territorial government entities and Higher Education Institutions to advance in the implementation of digital transformation and IT governance.

This foundation aims to strengthen democracy and citizen participation through the use of the Consul open source platform that promotes the principles of open government in different parts of the world. Through Consul we provide national and territorial entities with a tool that strengthens open government and citizen participation.

Since 2007, he specializes in providing Business Solutions based on Strategy and Process Management, Information Technology and R & D & i. With the products developed by Albatian, we accompany our clients in the implementation of digital procedures.

herramientas virtuales - Our Allies

Company specialized in the development of software-type solutions, with which we automate the processes of IT appropriation in the different sectors of the Colombian economy.